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Hybrid – 50 /50 THC: 19 – 24%

This tree glitters in the light and shows off massive trichome formations at any angle. From the Crossing of Sunset Sherb X High Octane OG BX3 strain. The inside breaks down into amazing aromas of sweet, creamy, and fruity like the milk in the bottom of a bowl of Fruit Loops. The flavor is invigorating, with strong gassy tones on the exhalation. This bud has tight grape-shaped dusty green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

Sunset Octane is characterized by a balanced, uplifting high, and the strain is perfect for melting away the pains and stress of a hard day. The high starts as soon as you exhale, filling the mind with lifted happiness that is heavy behind the eyes. The feeling of creatively inspired and sociable in this state, pretty giggly and not able to focus on much of anything. This heavy state may lead to knocked-out sleep.


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