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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC:  25%

The fluffy, Purple Jack buds are made up of forest-green leaves, and confetti-like orange pistils, that appear in bunches. A white frost of crystal trichomes covers the buds, resembling light snow. According to consumers, Purple Jack has musky scents with hints of pine and hash. In addition to pine and earthiness, its tastes include notes of spice and skunk. The Purple Jack aroma smells like pine and citrus fruits, with hints of berries. Combusting Purple Jack ignites the sour berry flavor with a spicy-kush aftertaste.

If you anticipate getting completely wasted after consuming Purple Jack, you’re mistaken. Her effects are really mild, and while you will experience a reasonable amount of psychoactivity, it will be nothing to write home about. Mentally, this strain produces an energizing and euphoric high that is unparalleled. Users feel euphoric and buoyant, but their bodies reveal a different picture. Sedation is too strong of a term, but individuals will notice that their muscles begin to relax.


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