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Indica: 60% THC: 19% – 29%

The perfect tasty bud for any relaxed night spent at home, Lemon Cherry Gelato brings on an amazing flavor and effects that will leave you in pure bliss. This exotic-looking variety is temptingly excellent. Its dark, moss-green tint is buried behind a tangle of delicious trichomes colored like caramel, as well as rusty-looking hairs. The buds develop tight, rough, and small, with substantial nuggets of trichomes.

Lemon Cherry Gelato has nearly no leaves. The strain has a varied and pleasant perfume, which is overwhelmingly lemony but with undertones of earthy, gassy, and fruity aromas, including cherry. It also has a cookie fragrance. The terpene profile throws in a strong dose of pine and sour berries. These all translate to a great flavor as it leads towards the characteristic stony high. This bud has a taste much like its name suggests – sour lemons plus rich cherries and berries! The aroma is just as delightful, with a sour citrusy overtone accented by fresh berries and raspberries and just a hint of earthy pine.


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