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ELEV8 Distillate Cartridges

Cobra Extracts ELEV8 Cartridges is a cannabis cup winner from 2018.

This is a reputable THC oil cartridge brand that has their recreational and medical licenses available online.

Cobra Extracts is a brand that has hired a PHD chemist as a consultant to maximize the quality of their distillate oil.

Their cannabis oil extraction is done using a revolutionary cold refining procedure.

This Cobra Extracts cartridge review includes 5 different strain flavors from the new ELev8 line up.

firstly, This brand has a clean distillate oil with THC content up to 93%,

Moreover, The CCELL vape cartridges provide you hits with zero draw resistance.

Take huge hits with little effort and quickly become high within seconds.


Firstly, They have renamed a popular flip vape pen battery which works excellent with their cartridges.

There are three temperature mods; the highest one is perfect for puffing huge vape clouds.

Do not get these distillate oil cartridges from Cobra Extracts confused with their CO2 oil.

I can’t recommend Cobra Extracts CO2 cartridges because they’re THC content is low.

They are also just not as tasty as their new distillate oil cartridges.

moreover These essential changes done by Cobra Extracts allowed them to get the attention they deserve.

Properties of Cobra Extracts ELEV8 Cartridges;

It is important to note that Cobra Extracts is a company that believes in cannabis.

striving to produce the highest quality all natural cannabis products available anywhere.

firstly, their oil is gently coaxed from family cultivated cannabis crops, they never use any harmful solvents

they purify the oil using innovative cold refining process.

This allows them to produce exceptionally potent CO2 oil that is crystal clear.

Making them glow with a beautiful amber color, and drips like honey all Natural, Pure and Simple.

they have created a line of products utilizing proprietary processes and equipment that includes;

CO2 Oil Cartridges,

Distillate Vape Cartridges,

CO2 Shatter,

Nectar Sticks,

Crumbles, and Saps. 

Although a cannabis cup winner, their following on social media could be bigger.

Cobra Extracts currently has only 15,000 followers on their instagram account.

Elev8 Strain And Flavor Options

Cobra Extracts was good enough to send us 6 different cartridge strains that you can see below. Each one is packed with true to strain flavor.

  • firstly, Animal Cookies
  • secondly, Venom OG
  • Also, Maui Wowie
  • Platinum Pineapple
  • Blueberry Haze
  • Blackberry Kush

Cobra Extracts Battery

however, One full hit on the highest voltage feels nearly like taking a dab. The three preset temperatures are 3.7, 3.9, and 4.1 volts.

also, Each temperature has a different color light associated with it.

A green light is the lowest temperature, blue is mid temp, and orange is the highest.

in conclusion, The Cobra

battery works excellent with any 510 thread prefilled cartridge.


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